May you not be in iso this time

This post first appeared on my weekly newsletter, (is a) Good Thing. It was written at the end of 2021, as the COVID-19 virus was threatening every social plan.

There’s a party this New Years
You’re one and all invited
Every man, every woman in sight.
There’ll be dancing and booze
Good friends and good people
May you not be in iso this night.

It’s been a long while
Since we’ve all been together 
So bring yourself, that’s all that you’ll need.
It’s been a hard year
We can’t wait to see you
May you not be in iso this eve.

But then what did happen
    A stray breath, an expose
      That leads to a swab
        Going high up your nose
          It tickles the places
            You hope never to touch
                It leaves you disturbed
                It all feels too much
                But that swab is nothing, 
              compared with the wait
            For the call that might come
          And the plans it will break
        You sit yourself down
      Your phone by your side
    You close your eyes
  You want to go hide
You start to breathe deep
    You wait for a sign
      You look out for anything
        To distract your mind
          The party’s tonight
            But the wait it goes on
              You wonder just how
            It could all take so long
         You stare at the ceiling
        You contemplate
      You pine for the call
    You sit there and wait.

And then in the morning
With the empties disposed
And the tables all but clear.
Your negative comes through 
But the party is done
May you not be in iso next year.