The Brunswick Beer Collective (podcast series and Instagram)

From its humble beginnings in 2015, The Brunswick Beer Collective has grown to become a popular podcast and instagram account devoted to the culture and enduring creativity of the craft beer scene in Melbourne, Australia, and around the world.

The collaboration, myself and two friends, we record weekly episodes that often choose a particular topic of interest to the craft beer community, such as the best IPA, beer and technology, and the best beer of a particular region. We have also collaborated with several breweries to produce beers including a chocolate mint porter, a dragonfruit sour, and a spice infused New England India pale ale.

Latest episodes

  • In this parochial episode, we chat with one of the founders of a local bar, Rascal Brunswick, about what is was like to open a business, quickly enter a global pandemic, pivot to a new way of business, and come out the other side a better, stronger, community-supported bar. We also drink two different Red […]
  • In this episode of escapees, we talk about the obscene joys of being out of Melbourne’s lockdown, discuss where our newly-free drinking has taken us, and apologise refusely for missing recording last week due to, you know, being out of lockdown. We also drink some magnificent beers from Stone & Wood’s Counter Culture range, and […]
  • In this eye-opening episode we are joined by Ian and Shane, the brewers and co-founders of Future Mountain Brewing and Blending, to talk about their journey, their venue, and their intense love of sours, saisons, farmhouse beers, and more. It’s an interview that will change the way you think about barrel-fermented beers. It certainly changed […]
  • We’re back! Well, virtually at least. In this explosive episode, Chris, Jeff, Kyle, and Paul, are joined by the woman behind marketing many of your favourite beer events, marketing and events expert Mariella Mejia. In this brutally-frank conversation, we talk about Mariella being involved in the budding craft beer scene in Melbourne, Good Beer Week, the state of the independent brewery scene, […]
  • [content_slider] [content_slide] [/content_slide] [/content_slider] PODCAST | In this revelatory episode we talk with Michael and Chloe, the powerhouse couple from Burnley Brewing, about their lives, their beers, and our very first canned collaboration beer, the Peach Melba Pie NEIPA. We also chronicle what makes a good stout, the state of hospo in the time of […]