Misadventures: Season One (articles)

Sometimes, the stories of things going horribly and hilariously wrong are the most interesting ones to tell. To me, these are Misadventures.

The reason for creating these was based on a decision to revisit some old blog posts from my previous blog, Carnaby Street Monkey. On review, I found the posts that really resonated with me were those where, either by my own fault or by circumstance, things had gone horribly, unexpectedly, or hilariously wrong.

This was an experiment of sorts, and like a scientist from a monster film, I’m trying it on my own experiences first. The first, Moving Day, is about a disastrous house move in mid-2012. The second, Game of Hearts, is about my discovery of online dating in early-2012. And the third, The Last Train to Gatwick, is an account of a chaotic airport journey in late-2013.