The Nutcracker (a novel)

Written over five years and the culmination of an itch I really needed to scratch, The Nutcracker is a full-length novel available on

Here is the description:

He was born great… don’t remind him.

Rich Balman is the Nutcracker, the hero of London, just like his father and grandfather before him. He’s also a thief, because his family learned early on that fighting crime doesn’t pay the gas bill. It’s not the life he wants, it’s just the one he’s stuck with.

But when a wannabe hero crosses his path, Rich sees his chance to leave the life to someone else… as long as his enemies don’t find out.

Part mystery, part adventure, the Nutcracker is a darkly comic novel of family, betrayal, revenge, orange lycra, and bronze squirrels.

You can read all about the making of this novel here, and if you feel a desire to purchase it, do look out for it on Amazon.